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  1. Can I add my own Categories?

  2. Does Homestretch work with smart phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads?

  3. How am I charged for each new Clinic Manager, Clinic Admin, and Therapist I create?

  4. How am I charged for using Homestretch?

  5. How do I assign a program from my program template library to a patient?

  6. How do I create a new Clinic Admin, Clinic Manager, or Therapist? How do I create new staff?

  7. How do I create a new exercise program for a patient?

  8. How do I create a new patient?

  9. How do I create a patient record?

  10. How do I create Clinic Locations? How do I create a Patient Activation by Location report?

  11. How do I delete or deactivate a patient?

  12. How do I find a patient's username?

  13. How do I find and assign a video I uploaded for a specific patient/a video with PHI?

  14. How do I know which browser I'm using? What's my browser?

  15. How do I re-send an activation email?

  16. How do I reset a patient's password?

  17. How do I upload my own video?

  18. How do I upload our logo to the site?

  19. How do I upload our privacy policy on to Homestretch?

  20. How many exercises are available on Homestretch?

  21. I need more help? How do I contact Homestretch?

  22. Welcome to Homestretch

  23. What is a Program? What is a Program Template?

  24. What is the difference between a Clinic Admin, a Clinic Manager, and a Therapist?

  25. When creating a new patient, what is the patient authorization check box, and why do I have to check it?

  26. When I type text in Homestretch using the iPad, the keyboard doesn't disappear when I hit 'Return'.

  27. Which browsers and operating systems are compatible with Homestretch?

  28. Why aren't any videos playing in Firefox?

  29. Why didn’t my patient receive their activation email?

  30. My patient forgot their username or password. How do I help them recover it?

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