When creating a new patient, what is the patient authorization check box, and why do I have to check it?

We’ve created this check box to verify that this patient has given you permission to use this email address for Homestretch. While no email from Homestretch will contain actual patient health information (PHI), the activation email sent to a patient will allow anyone with access to that email account to set up a login and password for that patient, and access his or her account. For this reason, we recommend you obtain patient authorization to protect your patients’ privacy and to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Many clinics already obtain such permission from patients within their existing legal documentation. However, if you don’t, we’ve provided you with a sample legal document which you may use as a guideline, “Authorization to Use Patient Email Address - Form for Download.” You can find this document at the bottom/footer of every page on the Homestretch site, under the “Resources” link.

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