How do I create a new Clinic Admin, Clinic Manager, or Therapist? How do I create new staff?


To create a new staff member, start by clicking on the “Staff” tab at the top of the page.
Next, click the “Create New Staff” button. Remember, only Clinic Admins and Clinic Managers can create new staff, not therapists. 

First, decide what type of staff member you'd like to create. For a description of the different types of staff members, see below or check out our FAQ section entry: What's the difference between Clinic Admins, Clinic Managers, and Therapists?

Then select the language preference of the therapist -- the default is always English. 

Next is Status. For a new therapist, you’ll always choose “active.” If at a later time you’d like to suspend this person’s access to Homestretch, you can change their status to suspended.

Now enter the users first name, last name, and email address, and create a username.

Enter a password for the user. Passwords must be at least 8 characters. Users can always change their password later. 

Finally, press save, and voila, the new user is ready to use Homestretch.

What's the difference between Clinic Admins, Clinic Managers, and Therapists?

Clinic Admins, Clinic Managers, and Therapists all have full access to patients and programs. 

Clinic Managers can also add or delete staff members (not including Clinic Admins). 

Clinic Admins have full access to the entire site, and can add or delete any staff, change clinic settings, and manage billing information.

At any time you can change a staff member's status between Clinic Admin, Clinic Manager, and Therapist. However, only a Clinic Admin can change someone else's status to Clinic Admin. Your clinic can have as many of each type of staff member as you like. 

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