1. Could exercises be grouped via body part or type of therapy? I'm feeling overwhelmed.SH

    Toss each exercise into a category vs listing all of them. That'd make it a ton quicker to create exercise programs.

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    Thanks for your feedback! Right now, on the Create Programs page, users can search for exercises a few different ways.

    First, they can use one or more of the checkboxes on the left hand side of the screen, to search for exercises by Body Area, Equipment, Position, or Type. Users can also type a word in to the Search box to look for specific exercises. Regarding adding a search criteria for type of therapy, it’s a good idea, and one we’ll look in to adding.

    If you’re still having difficulty, we’d love for you to contact us directly, so that we can give you personalized support. Just contact us at, or at 855-852-4400.

    Thank you for the suggestions. If we can get some more specifics, we’d love to use this to improve your search experience.

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